Building Type: Kitchen Extension to Listed Georgian terrace

Location: Exeter, Devon

Service: Planning, Listed Building consent and detailed construction stages

Approx Budget Range: £50-100,000


Standing in central Exeter this grand Georgian terraced house had been altered previously with an odd arrangement to the rear involving a stepped elevation, varying roof levels, retaining walls and basement access. Several design studies were undertaken to work with the clients to develop and build upon their own ideas and how any extension would impact upon the views out of the existing windows and how it would sit with the garden and sunken basement access (A separate flat requiring fire escape egress).

There were numerous constraints to work with and in the end a simple solution was found to extend the kitchen further into the garden. This maintained the existing views and basement access as well as giving a distinctive kitchen worthy of the grand house, even in a small footprint. Buildings of this age were built with less importance given to the kitchen. It was very much a back-of-house room, with guests entertained in the front reception rooms, and denied access to kitchens, sculleries and such. In modern living we spend more time entertaining and socialising within kitchens, its often the first place guests are invited into, leaving the lounge the more private space. A complete opposite of a building’s public/provate use within living memory.

To combat the modest floorspace within the kitchen expansive glazing and wide folding doors open out onto the courtyard & sunny garden to the rear to heighten the feeling of space. An efficient galley kitchen is combined with space to have a small table and chairs or sofa. Large rooflights and vaulted ceiling heighten the space, bring in masses of daylight and add a certain ‘wow’ factor. A Planning and Listed Building application was made and successfully granted following early meetings and collaboration with the planners and heritage officers on site. The project is now waiting for contractors to start on site following a construction and building regulations package of drawings prepared by TSA.


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