Building Type: Alterations to exterior of Listed Building

Location: Exminster, Devon

Service: Planning and Listed Building Consent stages

Approx Budget Range: £10-25,000


Unauthorized altering of a Listed Building is classed as a criminal offense under the Listed Building Act. It is important to gain permission to make any alterations that come under the act. Even replacing windows falls under this. Alterations need to be respectful and sympathetic to the Listed Building and any outbuildings and structures within the gardens. On this project the applicant wanted to improve access to their garden, and improve access to the front door, currently up some very steep steps.

A simple and sympathetic design was created that replaced the existing sliding sash window with a pair of matching-style timber doors out to a new paved area. The doors open inwards to make the most of the existing opening and are glazed with thin double glazing and timber glazing bars. Liaison with the local planning officer and conservation officer was made to ensure the proposals were approved without delay. Alterations were made to the access steps to improve public access and from the driveway, and at the same time proposed to be constructed more shallow and less dangerous. Although the proposals were simple, detailed and professional drawings were needed to satisfy the Listed Building status and gain planning and Listed Building Consents.


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