Building Type: Exterior landscape

Location: undisclosed

Service: Planning and outline construction stages

Approx Budget Range: £5-15,000


Built in the garden of a large 1930’s house, a new decked area surrounds a new hot tub was designed. The client wished for a hot tub but wanted to integrate it into the established landscaped garden. Keen to create subtle changes in level and a new access from the existing terrace that limited access down to the lower garden, the new deck is formed over two levels with new steps giving a new gentle route down into the garden.

A site was settled upon and the design makes use of brick and knot-free cedar to harmonise between the existing brick-built house and walls and the new hot-tub. Bricks and mortar for new walling were carefully chosen and matched to suit the existing building and garden walls. These were topped with newly formed stone copings to match the existing also. Decked areas were constructed to suit the changes in level and avoid affecting the existing terrace soakaway drainage. Access hatches in the deck allow for maintenance access for the tub which was positioned prior to construction on a new concrete slab.


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