Living and working within a small radius is a great feeling, Tom Spriggs Architect Ltd will very happily work further afield, but the nature of a compact city in a rural county means that a large number of clients’ homes are close by. Over the last few years some of these have been very close to the practice’s base, here in Heavitree, Exeter.

The map extract image below shows some of the more local projects with the office in the centre as of mid 2018. Some projects have been much further afield in North Devon, Dorset, Dartmoor, as well as the more frequent projects in the surrounding regions of East Devon, Mid Devon, and Teignbridge. (Councils Map)

Map of local architect with nearby projects

Where the projects are within the city, Tom travels by bike to avoid congestion and keep healthy, as well as keeping travel costs to a minimum! The opportunities for exciting design are not limited or improved upon by rural projects or city projects, but sometimes space and neighbour constraints mean that urban (and more local) projects are often more compact. Its great to walk or cycle past former projects right on the doorstep.