Feel free to contact me through any of these channels regarding any questions or enquiries. I am more than willing to chat through any projects you may be considering or queries that you may have. Typically after an initial email or phone call I’ll come round to visit you free-of-charge at your home or site to discuss further and for you to have a chance meet me in person before any form of commitment. Direct email or fill out the data into the form, or pick up the phone it’s up to you.

I need your name and reply contact in order to respond, on top of that its useful to include information such as the site address, the sort of thing you are looking for, the sort of thing you like (contemporary/traditional/robust/glassy/respectful/wild etc etc) if its an existing building the rough age of the building. More information the better, but I can get a good idea chatting it through with you, or with a site address.

The contact form will deliver an email to Tom Spriggs Architect Ltd, it uses a maths CAPTCHA (to prevent automated spam filling up my inbox!) while we wait for Google’s latest and best reCAPTCHA v3 protection to be fixed as this currently has issues.


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